Siege of Mirkwood

I originally started this blog so I could witter on about gaming, and mmorpgs in particular, but so far we’re five days in and scare a mention which is odd since LOTRO takes up the vast majority of my leisure time and thought. So I thought to kick off with, I could at least give a few thoughts on Mirkwood, the new LOTRO expansion.

(LOTRO being Lord of the Rings Online of course).

Mirkwood is the second expansion to the game. So far we have just had a few press announcements and posts on official forums. To be honest I feel a bit ambivalent about it. Last year we had Mines of Moria. I really looked forward to this coming out. A whole new area to explore, new instances, an increased level cap, legendary items, it all sounded great and a lot of it was. But one not so great thing I noticed was the effect of the new level cap, and LOTRO being my first MMO I had never experienced this before. Many of my kin had been at the maximum level together for a while, but now suddenly people were all at different levels again, separating out. People disappeared into groups busy doing the high level instances and getting radiance gear (and I’m not getting into that topic now; talk about ways to split the player base). I felt a little lost between groups and it took me a while and some work to find my feet again.

Mirkwood brings another increase in the level cap and more 3-man and 6-man instances and I can’t help wondering if there will be a repeat; more splintering off. I feel tired of constantly trying to find and organise groups to play with and I wonder if I will have the energy to go through it all again with Mirkwood. I am relieved that they have only increased the cap by 5 levels which should be achieved relatively easily and also shouldn’t make the current top level gear and instances obsolete and so there shouldn’t be too much need for catch up.

I’m looking forward to the skirmish system mentioned. And the tweaks to the legendary items, though I hope they don’t make the legacies etc too selectable on them otherwise we’ll all be running around with identical ones. I’m also interested to see what they do with the radiance system and how the proposed changes will work out. And I like that fact that we will be getting new traits and virtues that may allow us to customise our characters further and specialise more.

Anyway we shall see. I will continue to watch for announcements with interest.

Edit: just read that you can name your horse. Siege of Mirkwood: sold to me.

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  1. Buttercup had named her pony from day 1. I think I’ll call mine ‘Bastard’ ;p

    I think defending the Prancing Pony as a skirmish will give no end of pleasure!

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