Kinship downtime – lets roll them D10s!

My LOTRO kinship seems to be pretty active though since I’ve never been a member of a kinship or guild before, I’ve nothing to compare. We have a very active forum with posts every day on topics both in-game and out of game.  We have  started our own  kinship Wiki and have an in-game roleplayed history.

And then outside of the forum we have our bloggers, and tweeters and meet ups. I love all of this. I like the way the kin spreads out beyond the game and I’d like to see more. Maybe because I genuinely like and am interested in, the people in my kinship.

And now I have an idea!

I started roleplaying playing tabletop games. I still think that this is roleplaying in it’s optimal form; a DM/GM and players  in a room with dice and a scenario. This is why when people get too purist about role-play on our RP server, I don’t really share. Although I have expectations regarding behaviour, roleplay etc, at the same time I feel I’m compromising  the real role-playing experience by being in LOTRO because a computer game could never equal it (though have strengths of a different kind).

Anyhow, one of my favourite tabletop rp games is Call of Cthulhu, based on the 1920s horror stories of H.P. Lovecraft. I am currently running this in my Monday night gaming group and ran a CoC scenario when I met up with my kinmates in Sweden. So, thinks I, why not run a CoC game for my kinmates. On-line. To try and get that tabletop experience. Over Skype ideally since the sound quality seems to be better and it is easier for a number of people to speak at once.

I’ve found some information on my favourite Cthulhu resource web-site

Playing Call of Cthulhu on-line

This also has reportbacks from people ; apparently it works, it’s like being in your own radio play. Tabletop rp has been discussed before in the kinship. Many people used to do it but have given up as real-life has intruded. This would give them a chance to play again, and maybe introduce others to tabletop-style gaming. And it would give the kin something else to do together. I might begin with a one-off pilot, it will need to be timed around Mirkwood too, but if I do go ahead, I’ll feed back here.


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  1. Sounds awesome!

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