A Guardian’s first time in Dar Narbugud

Last night I took my guardian to Das Narbugud for the first time. Yay! He finally managed to get his last crystal at the end of last month which brought his radiance up to 65 which meant he could go.

The day before I read up on the Raid tactics on our kinship website and one of our guardians sent me a guardian’s how-to guide which I pondered. It was all very exciting but I’d tell a lie if I said I wasn’t nervous too. The kin have been raiding Dar Narbugud since mid-August and have now mastered all the first four bosses up to the Blind One. So going in, not just as a total newbie, but as a newbie guardian and therefore less able to lurk at the back, was a bit daunting. Plus the last time I had been on a raid was back in May and that was for the Rift which by that time had become as well loved and as familiar as a childhood ragdoll (if you can compare a raid to a ragdoll…).

Anyhow, I made sure Lhach had all his potions, scrolls and tokens. I also took a look at his skill bars. For some of the fights doing non-damage aggro generation is important so I gathered all those particular skills together so I could spam them easily; Fray, Shield taunt; triggered by my block reaction and Challenge.  I left litany of defence separate because it was yellow and at the end of a bar and I knew where it was! I then made sure that all the single target aggro-generating skills were close for single mob tanking.

And then, into Dar Nargugud. We cleared some trash mobs first, a nice warm up. My fellow guardian helpfully made sure I knew what to pull when and from where. After that, the first bosses…the two Trolls. It was here that damage-based aggro was baaad. Damage on one appears on the other, so aggro and damage control was crucial. But I had prepared so all was well. Everyone else knew what they were doing and it all went as smooth as smooth. I dragged my troll to a spot behind the pillar and stayed there. Apart from the use of the appropriate skills and the need to make sure I had aggro at the start; we left it 4-5 mins before the dps started, it was alright.

That had been the fight I was most worried about and the one said to be trickiest for guardians (pre-Blind One anyway). After that, more trash mobs and I got to use my corruption removal. I love using that. Hitting the mob with my little sting, seeing the countdown icon and waiting to see if it gets it’s timing right, and often it does! The next two were straightforward from my perspective. We didn’t make it to Boss 4 which was a disappointment; it sounded wild, but the run had taken longer than usual. The fights needed to be explained to me of course, but also, because everyone had been before and were relaxed and passing the time, people kept talking during the explanations so they took longer.

But it was all great fun in the end and I can’t wait to go again. And get to see Boss 4 and the Blind One. I just hope our raid organiser sees fit. I’d plead or offer bribes but unfortunately I’m the raid organiser and I know I am impervious.

(one day I’ll write about the joys of raid organising, sometimes known as trying to square the circle but not just now…)

Edit: the next day due to RL issues, the allocated guardian had to drop out so I did get to see boss 4 and the Blind One

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