Class quests and page drops: the future

My minstrel has just got his last item from Carn Dum for his level 45 class quest.

He’s lucky. He happened to be at that stage at the same time as several other alts in the kin and when there were a number of level 60s at a lose end who were happy to help us all collect our items from the various bosses. Though normally I don’t go for higher levellers taking lower levels through instances, I’ve been to Carn Dum and Urugarth so often now, it’s no issue anymore for me. They are just fun instances to do with kinmates.

He also has all his legendary traits after running around with his legendary class books finding pages to complete them. I still don’t know how I managed to find them all. This part is a serious grind and one of the most tedious parts of  LOTRO. The pages drop rarely and the last one of the last book never seems to fall.

But both this and the class quests give you some of the most useful skills in the game. So I wonder if Turbine plan any changes here. They seem to be tweaking more and more of the content at lower levels to make it small group or solo-friendly. Will they do the same to Urugarth and Carn Dum? I can see many players just missing these out now because they are fairly hefty group instances when done at level, and then finding themselves lacking major skills later on. Alright, they can then go back and do them but that does seem a slightly backwards way of looking at it. In many ways it would be a shame to change the instances because they are a good introduction to more demanding group play, but does keeping them as is, fit in with the direction the earlier parts of LOTRO seem to be heading?

And will Turbine increase the drop rate of pages? The tedium of the grind could well put off many players, especially as the game focus moves to higher level content. Books and some pages can be bought or given, but the rest depend upon luck. Turbine changed things  a while ago so that pages dropped more widely which was an improvement but you can still be waiting for ages and ages for that random drop to complete your book.

If they changed anything, changing this would be good.


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  1. For my minstrel and my warden I ended up just buying them off of the AH as I’ve done both instances so many times but just was either unlucky or differed to others. I never really had much of a problem with books/pages – it is MUCH easier now that they drop of any humanoid and not “Morrovals in Angmar” like they used to be.
    But certainly as we move up in levels like we are, those items/instances trickier to get but most of those skills are pretty handy. For most classes, that legendary usually is one of the better ones for that class.

    • I bought a couple of pages for my guardian from the AH. But at the time I couldn’t afford the pages for my hunter and the one I wanted never seemed to come up anyway. I think I spent about a year of my life in Angmar looking for it!

  2. They should make them skirmishes ;p

  3. For what it’s worth (not much, I suspect), the tradable pages drop at quite a high rate in the School and Library of Tham Mirdain in Eregion. I’ve recently been in there, grinding out the slayer deeds, and was coming out laden with pages I no longer needed. I mailed them to kinmates around level 39.

    I don’t know (obviously!) if non-tradable pages also drop there. If they do, it’s probably worth farming them.

    But, I also suspect, most people just bypass those in the same way as Urugarth and Carn Dum are bypassed: just head into Moria, and eventually Lothlorien, and keep levelling.

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