Huge, Yellow Teeth. In my Head.

I tanked the Watcher for the first time last night.

Our kin has already downed the Watcher once. Now the plan is to try and do it again, but this time with a rag tag group of newbies thrown into the mix. Looking around all wide-eyed and wondering. We did pretty well. We got to the third stage.

And I got to tank the Watcher. It was all ace.

But, but, …what I want to know is how come no-one ever mentioned his teeth. I mean really mentioned his teeth. Their size. Pictures do not do them justice. In all the walkthroughs, forum posts, tactics thread, nobody has talked about them.

And they are huge. And yellow. And they were inches from my nose. All huge and yellow, his teeth, not my nose.

Unbelievable. I can close my eyes and see those teeth now. In my head. And they seem to get bigger every time I do.


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Posted on October 22, 2009, in LoTRO, mmorpg, raiding and tagged , , . Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. Haha, I love that one of your tags is ‘huge yellow teeth’ 😀

    I guess most people don’t notice the teeth because they tend to be facing in the opposite direction.

  2. sounds fun – I haven’t tried him on my warden yet, but might get the chance here soon as we start rolling others and their alts. And hopefully I won’t be too distracted by his teeth 😉

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