No longer nameless horse

Being able to name my horse in Siege of Mirkwood is great.  Since I first started playing LOTRO  I’ve been casting envious and baleful glares towards lore-masters and their snappily named pets and captains with their heralds trotting behind them each proudly bearing their own name and then summoning  my horse and it arriving, nameless. And in fact, at the moment with no name, I  don’t know if  it is my original horse that is turning up or even if it’s the same horse I’m getting each time. It could be any old horse just passing by.

But now I’ll be able to make my horse/horses my own. I just know I’ll try and get every horse in the game, especially since riding will be made a skill so each one won’t take up valuable vault and bag spaces with a token. This will, of course, be a long long term goal. It will cost money and take much grinding, but since it looks as if getting rep will be made more worthwhile generally this last is probably to the good as well.

Now will allowing players to name their own horses lead to a swathe of Champions, Black Beautys and Muffin the Mules to swamp the servers? Well it might, but apparently the name of your horse is only visible to the owner.

Probably a good thing.

But I don’t need other people to see my horses’ names anyway. Just as long as I can, so I know my horse is mine.


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