Captains don’t jump!

Whilst everyone else is filling the blogsphere with articulate and erudite musings on the new Mirkwood expansion, I thought instead I’d have a mini-splutter about the class quest I’ve just done on my level 30 captain; after all why look forward. Because I mean what was all that about!!!! What do you think of when you say captain…you think of shiny armour, inspiring the troops, leading from the front into battle, all of that. You don’t think of some fool leaping from one wall to another, missing again and again and plummeting to the ground to each time. That is not a glorious death. That won’t enter the history books. But that’s the quest. Bounce about a fortress, running up flags on various inaccessible flagpoles. You can’t even take your herald with you.

What have things come to! My captain didn’t sign up to be a sprite in a platform game!


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  1. That is one of the more bizarre quests I think. I’ve done a bunch of the level 15 and 30 quests and by far that one’s the worst 😦

  2. Awful quest, nearly made me abandon my Captain I was so frustrated (before the guides came out, I should mention!). A kin Captain who was above me levelwise eventually persuaded me to give it another shot.

  3. I don’t have a captain. My Warden’s stopped at level 36 (mostly because he’s waiting for other people, now, having got that far in a matter of days).

    I don’t have the brain capacity for a Captain as well as the other six characters I’ve already got.

    Stop tempting me!

  4. welcome to club! 😉

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