Just what is a Raid and why do they set us on fire?

In my short time playing MMOs, before LoTRO I really only dabbled, one thing that I have learnt is that Raiding sets people alight. Not literally, I hasten to add,  not in my kin anyway, well not yet. But certainly there seems to be nothing like  a thread on raiding to really get the posts pouring in and the passions roused about raid composition, loot distribution, scheduling etc; arbitrary has already alluded to some of this. And the heat is not confined to my kinship or to LoTRO, it seems to be experienced by every kin/guild in every MMO that intends to raid at some level.

So, why does raiding have this effect on us? Well first, just what is a raid.

People say a Raid is part of the end-game. Well yes. But would that mean, say, that if you raise the level cap, what was a Raid would cease being a raid because it was no longer end-game? No. The Rift is still considered a raid.

Also, it’s said a raid is an instance designed to be experienced by a larger number of players. That seems true. I’ll go with that.

What about difficulty? Raid content is supposed to be extra challenging. Er…can I just say Turtle?  This is said to be a raid. The Turtle has it’s tricks to be sure, but compare it to Dark Delvings, or if we look at SoA, instances like Barad Gularan and of course Carn Dum (this last destroying the argument that only raids have locks); and all with several bosses. So, not so sure about that.

Alright then, what about loot. Raids drop good loot. The Turtle can drop LIs to be sure and you can get radiance coins. But so can the radiance instances. And other shinys as well. But the instances still don’t seem to cause the same controversies…woah, but maybe they do. I’ve read heated debates about distribution of radiance coins amongst groups; alts vs mains, oldtimers vs newcomers. A case of not enough goodies amongst too many people….

Is this what a Raid is then…an instance, designed for a larger group of players but somehow resulting in either too many people wanting to go or not enough people being able to resulting in inevitable disappointment; where there are not enough rewards for the size of the group; oh and where you don’t get killing xp either.

Looking at it like this; were these things designed to cause controversy?

So, now the 12-man skirmish; is this a Raid?  It’s end-game, it is designed for a larger group, you get loot. But, as a skirmish, to a certain extent, you can scale it. It looks as if all participants get rewards. Plus it’s not being called a raid. It’s being called a ’12-man skirmish’. Some of the time anyway. So that’ll be alright then. I think.


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