Kinships on Laurelin

Somehow I’ve ended up maintaining the list of kinships on my server on the Codemasters forum. I can’t quite remember how this happened; I suspect I volunteered. It’s the sort of thing I do. Anyhow, I’ve now generated a thread that has had over 18,000 viewings since April when I started. Well, it makes me feel popular!

To be honest, it is not as much work as people said it might be. I see a lot of kinships in-game that don’t seem to use the forum, or at least haven’t asked for inclusion on the list. Maybe they are too small, or just want to restrict their membership to a known group. Anyway it does mean that I don’t need to add to the list that often and that it is only now that I need to start to split the list up because it has grown too long for the space allowed per post. And I have the help of some of the more involved forum posters who let me know if they find a link isn’t working

I suppose that it’s not really surprising that the vast majority of kinships are mixed race. Of the kinships on the list, we’ve only  a handful of hobbit-only, man-only and dwarf-only kinships. But slightly more elf-only kinships; ah the romance of elves!

It’s nice to see that very few of the listed kinships have disappeared since the list started. There always seems to be something a little sad when a kinship ends. A couple have folded amongst hints of internal ructions, but have then been reformed; with new officers and new kin leaders.

Since it is a european server we’ve polish, greek, russian, spanish, italian and dutch speaking kinships.  There is some debate whether non-english speaking kinships should recruit or speak in their own languages on the various chat channels (and some controversy a while ago when some in-game role-playing took place not in english in the Prancing Pony). But whatever, all go on the list. Ditto kinship names. Even though Laurelin is a roleplaying server and supposed to be policed to some extent, there are some baaad kinship names. Some simply corny, others not fitting to lore; again there has been an issue with non-english kinships – does a kinship with a Spanish name, say, fit on a Tolkien roleplaying server?

A final thing, looking through the list, the one thing that really makes  kinships stand out is a lively and attractive website/forum with events and  recent postings. Statements of purpose and kin ethos and a clear path for prospective recruits help too. Makes a kinship look together. If that’s the aim!


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  1. To my knowledge, the official line on Laurelin has always been “English Preferred”. I’m horrified by the people who immediately respond to a non-English message in the chat channels with “English n00b!” (and then carry on with inane chatter in GLFF). While it’s true that English will be more accessible to more people, it seems to make sense to look for people in their own language. That said, it makes sense to take the subsequent conversation off to a more private channel. However, that’s true of many chat conversations on Laurelin (see above, about GLFF).

    I have (once) reported a kinship name for being blatantly against the naming requirements (that is, the requirements at the time I reported it. Not the requirements at the time the kin was formed. The difference being that the name was then officially used in game). And was horrified to see that nothing happened.

    • Since it is a European server, I tend to think a little generosity doesn’t come amiss. And re. reporting kinship names, for what I remember there is only a facility to report player names?

      • You’re right: there’s no facility for reporting Kinship names, which may be why my report fell through. Since I filed it under “Naming Violation”, I had to enter a player name, and very clearly spelled this out in the text of the report (I’d used the name of the kinship member I’d happened to spot). But that doesn’t mean the GMs actually read what I wrote (and the player name was, indeed, absolutely fine).

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