Guardians in Mirkwood

Well I’m finding out more about how SoM will be changing the life of my guardian. In terms of skills, not much I’m afraid. The new level 62 skill, Brutual Charge, doesn’t exactly overwhelm me. It’s an upgraded Charge giving a burst 150%  speed plus 10% melee damage. Charge is a skill I rarely use. Can’t see much point to this one except perhaps on the Moors. However it seems tha tgenerally the new class skills aren’t particularly useful. I suppose it’s a way of making sure they don’t unbalance the game.

Melee invulnerability  is capped at 15% which I’m neutral about. It’s said that mobs are going to hit harder so not sure how the capping will effect this. However, this might encourage  more experimentation in  builds. Currently, I’ve stacked up all the melee invulnerability I can through items, runes and virtues. I’ve considered ranged invulnerability and tactical invulnerability but so far haven’t felt it worth doing because of the resulting reduction in melee invulnerability. With this capped, I might as well play about a bit more. It also makes it easier to swap in other virtues with different mitigations. I suppose, linked in with all this, is the increase in vitality bonus. We get 5 points of morale per vitality point instead of 3. And passive critical defence bonuses. This seems just straight out good.

We can no longer use a  shield in Overpower; or rather you can but it counts as disabled. This sort of makes sense. It ties in with the previous champ changes by making it harder for heavily armoured classes to also be high damage dealers…you takes your defending or you takes your attacking; not both. Coupled with this is the 5% increase in passive with heavy shields so you take even more of a hit if go you offensive.

We had been aware that LI legacies were going to be divided into two pools, the first containing legacies considered more useful. Of course the fear had been that the legacies Turbine considered useful would be strange and random to everyone else, but overall it looks as if it has been done pretty sensibly. Nothing has been completely confirmed but it looks like all my favourites are in pool A including whirling retaliation damage, whirling retaliation being one of my favourite skills because I think it looks good and leeches threat from those around you. Belts also have shield damage default legacy; another reason for disabling shields in overpower I reckon.

Overall, it  looks pretty good and I’m looking forward to playing my Guardian in Mirkwood and seeing how all the changes gel together. Interesting times!


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  1. I’ve seen nothing but positive comments about each classes’ legacy changes, which somewhat makes up for lacklustre new skills.

  2. Yeah, I suppose they could find out the favoured legacies just by looking at the stats

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