Radiance changes: will the beast sleep?

A while ago I wrote how the accumulation of radiance in MoM had created Berath the beast. Now, having more-or-less returned to my SoA state of munificence, apart from the raid-linked spasm, I’m wondering if SoM will cause the hair to sprout again. We’ve all known that the radiance system was due for an overhaul, but until recently didn’t know the details. Now we know more.

First, in the original instances, coins will no longer drop. Instead we will get medallions of Moria which can be exchanged for the +10 radiance armour. We still don’t know how many medallions you get from each instance run. But since medallions drop from all challenges for everyone, every group member will get them, similar to the crystals dropping in the Book 8 instances. I always liked this. You ran the instances, you got crystals, well at least at first. What I liked less was the Book 8 ‘fix’; you lost hard mode, you got nothing. SoM in a way removes this ‘fix’ by making sure that,  once again, you get something reasonably significant simply for running the instance and defeating the boss (which in itself could be something of a challenge).

The book 8 instances will drop medallions of Lothlorien which can be bartered for the +15 radiance items. Apparently the new instances will drop medallions of Dol Guldur which can also be used to buy the +15 items as well as new +25 radiance pieces. As far as I’m concerned the main importance here is No More Hall of Mirrors, happy happy joy joy; unless the new instances are even worse.

Anyhow, it looks like the medallions can be bartered like the crystals in Book 8. If you don’t need the radiance armour they can be bartered for other things including it seems settings which I’ve found quite hard to come by in MoM. This will be useful. It will also allow those just helping out to get stuff too.

So this, along with the removal of the need to run specific instances for specific pieces of armour, means that life for the radiant-aspirant should get easier in SoM and so, perhaps, Berath monster may sleep on…..


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