First experiences of Mirkwood

Mirkwood is here! At last. Thursday was the first opportunity for the Europeans to enter the woods to have explore and experience the new expansion.

I started with my guardian. My fave. His morale bar was now nicely at 7000+. Then I checked his stats. It had all changed! I hadn’t expected that.  There were loads of confusing new numbers. Yikes! Anyhow, I eventually identified incoming melee invulnerability as now being melee defence and unslotted Zeal and stuck in Compassion to reduce it; now capped at 15%, it was previously way above that. Compassion gave me a bit of tactical and ranged invulnerability. Nice. Then checking my LI’s I found the legacies had  been reset; I probably knew this would happen but it’s one thing reading about it and a totally different thing it happening.  So I had to go through the entire process of deciding what points should go where, again. So, that was the first hour of my Mirkwood experience, re-allocating points and staring at  stats. Oh and reading a bewildering letter from Galadriel.

And then the same process for my hunter after which I decided to take her out into the new world. By this time I’d been able to subliminally process the letter so was aware that it was something to do with reaching Mirkwood, in fact to the extent that I was able to get myself and another slightly baffled kinmate to where we were supposed to go. And start book 9 in the process.

After that, it was easy, pick up quests and kill orcs (or rather orc runners along with everyone else on Laurelin). And didn’t the combat changes make playing my hunter feel different! Attacks were faster and smoother, it felt she hit harder. Power consumption didn’t seem as high as other hunters had experienced, may be because I’d equipped for power conservation and regen as much as possible. However I don’t know how this would work for longer fights.

And, for once, I liked the customary launch-day crowds around the first encampment. It felt buzzy. It seemed to be what I imagined an excited army from the books would be like, landing on an enemy shore, preparing to go and make war.

Then I decided I wanted to get my minstrel his first LI. He was already just about to, now I wanted to check out if the new legacy pools worked. And great, one of the first legacies; reduced rally cooldown.

Then it was back to my guardian to make ready for the skirmishes. Eventually I found the skirmish camp in the 21st Hall (I know, obvious, the cluster of blue dots that weren’t there the day before) and picked up the introductory quest. By that time, I’d already had far too much to think about so I decided to leave skirmishes for the next time.


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  1. the morale boost certainly was nice for both my warden and captain. But like you I need to look and figure out what traits to slot now that the incoming caps at 15%… There should be a post on the live boards about it soon – I’ll post it when I find it regarding the optimal tanking traits.

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