Skirmishes: a 12-man rumpus

Skirmishes are one of the main innovations in the new SoM expansion pack. Up until yesterday I had done a couple of solo skirmishes but last night I took part in my first 12-man. And it was a blast!

I had done the initial skirmish quests, finding my war orders and target list for my higher level characters;  guardian, hunter and minstrel, and the tutorials. I chose a herbalist for my guardian, a protector for my hunter and a warrior for my minstrel. I’d t tried out a solo skirmish for each one, selecting Tier 1 at the default level. They proved a fun challenge for both hunter and minstrel. However, my guardian breezed through the Ford of  Bruinen. He is now raid equipped including one piece from DN. Of course I only tried out the one skirmish and it could well be tougher on another with no or squishier NPCs, but  maybe I’ll move the level to Tier 2 for that one.

But anyway, the 12-man. In our kin we have a late-evening group called the Night Owls and last night was skirmish night. Seven had already signed up but the call went out on kinchat for more. I missed this first because I was helping a couple of kinmates catch up on some quests, but then, oh joy, I managed to grab a spare place just before the final boss. Oh alright, before the fifth attempt at the final boss.

And was that Boss tough! We’d chosen Thievery and Mischief set to Tier 1 and already reduced  to level 58. There were four altogether with numerous debuffs, attacks, self-heals and banners. I went in with my hunter first but then switched to my guardian as some serious tanking was required (yay!) which allowed us at least to get the first boss down and make a good attempt at the next two. I would say they were easily as tricky, certainly, as many Raid bosses.

The soldiers added that extra something! Half the group seemed to have herbalists, no-one had had enough skirmish marks to change their appearances, so the central Bree battlefield was full of identical women in sensible blue dresses, blonde hair tied neatly up in buns. Add to that a fair number of white bearded dwarven protectors running about somewhat out of control and you had a pretty wild field of combat.

After our final more successful attempt we decided to call it a night but are all raring to go again. I’d joined using the skirmish panel; now I simply left the group and there I was, back in Mirkwood. So simple. Nice.


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  1. I’m really looking forward to these kinds of things – I’m having a blast running skirmishes solo, so can’t imagine how much better it will be in a group.

    • I think that it is in groups that skirmishes really come into their own

    • Be warned! The group size has two effects: increasing the number of mobs *and* their toughness. “Thievery and Mischief” (Berath’s got the name wrong) has one 9k boss, if you do it solo at level 65.
      At level 58, Raid, there are four bosses, at around 130k, that interact in strange ways. The healer restores the others at 2% per second. The leader increases the incoming healing by 50%. They can pass damage around.
      It’s… different. And hard. And silly. And hectic (there were 25 of us, including our Skirmishers, and my pet). And the only cost is repairs or consumables: there’s no dread if you’re defeated, so you can just drop back into the “real world” and carry on where you left off.

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