Combat after Mirkwood

In my Mirkwood first experiences post,  I mentioned the way combat changes have changed the way combat feels for my hunter. It feels smoother and faster. I feel more deadly. Skills like Barbed arrow actually do damage now.

It has also changed for my guardian. Again combat feels faster and more responsive. However, power is more of an issue now. I have to keep an eye on it whereas before I gave it little thought with my various power restoring skills and a store of potions.

Now much of this is due to the standardising of weapons. All weapons at the same level now have the same attack speed, dps and damage per hit. I’ve always used an axe before, one of the ‘slower’ weapons and therefore used less power. Now that the speed of my axe is faster, and along with it being easier for me to crazily spam my skills, it obviously means that my power use has increased.

The change in Stamp was an obvious combat skill change and one of the most welcome. Stamp is the only induction-breaking skill that guardians have. Previously I’d been pretty useless using stamp at the correct time, I’d so often just miss the right moment. Now, stamp, interrupt, immediate kick, induction broken. Everytime.

I’m looking forward to playing more on both hunter and guardian and experiencing the changes further. I’d like to play a little more with skill orders and timings. I’m finding combat smoother, but a couple of my kinmates, a burglar and a captain, feel that it is more ‘jerky’. Both were using slower weapons as like me but as I’ve said, I haven’t found this. It may be something to do with the order they carry out various skills and that some experimentation is in order. We’ll see, anyway it shows that there may be room for different and favoured playstyles that can add more variety to combat.


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  1. I agree with your kinmates on captains at least – but I’m loving my warden. Have you tanked much on your Guard? I’m finding on my warden that tanking is a bit easier, but that’s partly due to it being easier to fire off gambits. What do you think about agro in general?

  2. I’ve tanked a bit on my guardian, I’m not sure if it’s my imagination but it does seem to be easier to grab and keep aggro. It could be something to do with the new timings

    • It does seem easier, maybe that’s partially due to the weapon changes in that there isn’t as many damage spikes as there used to be. Or who knows, maybe they did some threat magic too 🙂

  3. I’ve not really noticed any changes with my Loremaster, but we’ve only got one “immediate” skill, so most things queue up as they did before. I don’t even know which skill it is (as is currently down for maintenance). I suspect it’s Wisdom of the Council: our self-heal. Which, if it’s an immediate invocation, I’ll be very glad of! But since it’s on a ten minute cooldown, I won’t notice very often!

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