Bar room brawling in LOTRO

The Yule Festival is here. And with it come the same old quests as last year, collecting snow , berries, branches, all sorts of festive bits and bobs from various parts of Middle Earth to exchange for Festival Tokens. Fun, but we have seen them before. There is now a solo horse race, maybe because the competitive horse races always seemed to be breaking down in previous Festivals. Are they particularly hard to implement? But anyway, I haven’t tried this yet. There are also the usual dances; I ought to get more of these as at the moment I only have the elf and man dances for my hunter elf, Berathiela, who loves dancing (she isn’t very angsty, she doesn’t do emo, she just ain’t that kind of elf).

However, what is different is the Thorins Hall Bar Room Brawl or the Glorious Beer Fight. It takes place in the tavern. After you have found it you speak to Gisli Strongclub who gives you this; a huge Dwarven-club of Unimaginable Power. Marvellous! You stick this in your quickslot bar. And then, into the arena and the fight starts.

The goal is to glug down a pint of Glorious ale from the keg that appears from time to time on one of the bar room benches. The problem is, everyone else wants a pint too and they are in your way! So you get hold of your Dwarven-club of Unimaginable Power and you thrack them out of the way. Just as they are trying to thrack you. Bodies fly through the air, dwarves, men, elven maids in pretty dresses, mighty warriors, adorable hobbits. If you land outside the arena, you are out of the fight. If you last through and manage to grab a pint then you claim victory and come away with a Glorious Beer trophy, and some tokens of course. There are also deeds to complete and titles to get. Berathiela, predictably, took to this and, on her third go, was victorious. A Glorious Beer mug trophy for a  top Bar room brawl to take you back to your old D&D days.

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