My top LoTRO times of 2009

Alright, probably a bit later than everyone else, here are my top LoTRO moments of 2009 in no particular order (I’m always behind with the zeitgeist)

1. Getting my last crystal from the nightmare Hall of Mirrors. This ended my radiance grind that began in February and finally ended with this, in September, that finally allowed me to join the DN Raid and freed me up to start enjoying the game again. Many thanks to unwize, our burglar, and Kilrandir, one of our top notch minstrels who, at long last, helped me down that last boss. Huzzah.

2. Killing the Mistress in the DN Raid as part of a kin first. I’d never been at a kin first before so it was all doubly thrilling and it marked the completion of DN.

3. Our first real life kin meet in August. Yes, we all really exist (well some of us anyway) and now have photos on the kinship forum to prove it!

4. Connected to no. 3 in a way and not really a moment, more something on-going. It’s the way the kin seems to have moved beyond just playing in LoTRO.  We have our forum and a TS server but in 2009 we’ve started a Twitter group, started a group on Steam, had a secret Santa sweet swap and of course we have our blogs.

4. Flying to Sweden to holiday with a couple of kinmates. Over and above the kin meets (there was another at Christmas) people have been meeting up generally.

5. Finishing Volume 1 and getting my white horse for my guardian.

6. Discovering the Waterworks with a couple of kinmates. This was the first time there for all three of us. I think little beats exploring new areas with other people. The Waterworks remains one of my favourite areas of Moria (this one only just crept into 2009 but it was such a good one!).

7. Our 7 hour stint in Fornost. We did break for food.  (I’m not even sure this was last year, but again it’s a goodie so I’ve stuck it in). I really like the long multi-boss fellowship instances in S0A where you actually feel you are someplace. The only similar one since MoM is the Grand Stairs.

8. Tanking the Balrog on my guardian. This was the first time I had tanked a proper big Boss with him. Definitely had a case of pre-raid trepidation (which I still get!)

There were more good moments, but these are the ones I really remember.  Interesting to see a fair few are socially based and most of the rest relate to experiences that you can only get in a multi-player game, grouping with, helping and being helped by kinmates.


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  1. Yaaaay, I made the list!! *giggles* Ooooh, perhaps I should make one of my own.. hmmm… so much to write, no blog, too lazy. You all know I love you anyway, hehe.

  2. You must take me to Fornost one day.

    • A day out sometime for the alts perhaps? Though I suspect they may nerf it if they haven’t already.

      • I’ve started working on Jess’ traits. I dunno how much we’ll play the alts again, but I want to keep up with her if possible. If I do anything nutty that involves levelling I have a level 36 RK to load to the group though ;p

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