Three cheers for the Turtle

We’re organising a kin run to the Turtle next week. We’ve managed these at least weekly since the beginning.

It is very easy to disparage Filikul. One boss, in one room in what is essentially a dps race. Very straightforward for us old hands. Boring even.

However, there are good points. Firstly, the loot drops are still good, weapons and tokens, and useful for people just hitting level 60 (alts or mains).

Secondly, it is the only top level raid that’s not radiance-gated and so is immediately accessible to everybody. For this reason, it’s good. This time it’s let me focus on some of our newest level 60+ members, to drag them along and give them a little bit of a raiding taster.  And to give them a chance to meet a few more people in the kinship; maybe even the old hands.

It’s actually been great speaking to them and getting them involved. They’d had assumed that raiding was beyond them, they were not geared up enough, they did not have the experience.  And now they have signed up, they want to know what they should bring, how they need to equip and trait.  It is their first Raid. They want advice on how to do well. It sort of reminds me of my first Raid run when it seemed like a door opening on a new World. Ahhh.

And Filikul can work as a learning raid.  Our kin has wiped in the past. You need to be able to output maximum dps, various classes have skills that need to be used at particular times, people need to watch when they have aggro, they need to come ready and prepared. All good stuff. It also requires adequate gear and traiting and so provides an opportunity for a bit of peer guidance to take place. And if mistakes are made, then the Raid only lasts a few minutes so very little is actually lost. In that way, the Turtle may even have an advantage over the Rift.

So three cheers for Nornuan. There is a point to him still.


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  1. Certainly from a time investment the turtle is a great starting point. The nice parts are that there’s no radiance required, it is very quick, and it does teach communication and teamwork. However, it is lacking in some of the other raid events like corruptions, special attacks, etc that make places like the 6mans and watcher a good follow on to help with the process. Learning to raid, or even some of the harder 6-mans is not an easy task and is even harder now that there are so many other ways to level outside of group content.

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