Raid juggling

Our kinship is slowly moving towards the Mirkwood Raid. But we’re also still running Dar Narbugud. And we’re attempting to re-start Watcher raids. Whilst doing the turtle. 

Is this ambitious? In a word, yes. Is this overly ambitious? In three words, too damn right! We have a shortage of healing classes, we still have people getting radiance, we have people who can’t raid on various days, we have people who can only get on-line after 9pm. We are a casual kinship.

And I’m the one, undaunted by all practical considerations, trying to make it happen. I’ve been arranging the kinship raids from when we were  running the Rift back in May 2008. A scary length of time. We seem to have an unusual way of sorting our raids in that I am not the Raid Leader, perhaps more the Raid Administrator. I don’t go on every raid and in fact for many of the Raids I’ve arranged I can’t go on; it took me a while before I could go on my first Dar Narbugud run. However, this hasn’t proved too much of a problem since I’ve used the advice of the Raid Leaders re. class balance etc and followed tactics threads so I have an idea. And I mainly allocate places and arrange scheduling.

So, here I am, attempting to juggle 4 raids. I have to be honest, one of the balls may have to be dropped. Most likely it will be the Watcher. As per my previous post, I’d like to keep the Turtle on. And organising that has by and large been taken up by a kinmate.  The Watcher is nice in that, like the turtle,  it’s just one boss and can fit into an evening but, unlike the turtle, is a complex fight. It also only requires a middling amount of radiance. But at the moment, with us regularly running DN, it really counts as an extra. And many of the people eligible for it are only a step away from being ready for DN, which I want to continue because our current raiders are still getting use from it and we can feed new people in. We had someone new start last week and we have someone else new this week. So, focus on that.

Anyway, lets see if my ‘vaulting ambition, which o’erleaps itself’ does fall ‘on ‘th’other….’

How do you know if you don’t try.

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  1. Wotcha Berath,
    Now you’ve made me feel all guilty for being a slacker. I may go and cry into my lovely cup of tea.

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