My Cthuhloid claim to fame

Whilst we’re talking Call of  Cthulhu  (see post below), I now see fit to mention one of my proudest roleplaying moments.  In fact one of my proudest moments period. I am rarely one to boast of my own achievements (few as they are), but if one cannot crow from time to time on one’s own blog, well, well..pah!

So here goes:

You are reading the blog of Berath, the winner of  the Call of  Cthulhu UK National Tournament at Gencon Olympia 2003.


Unfortunately I never got my prize. I left before they were awarded without knowing I’d won. I was in contact with the judge who told me of my prize, for a while. His last e-mail to me informed me that he was sitting looking at my prize, at that moment, as it sat on his mantlepiece. I never heard from him again.


About Berath

Interests: zombies, giant robots, kittens

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  1. What was the prize???

  2. Oooooh. Kudos to you. Perhaps you could send a wee Hound of Tindalos after him to retrieve your trophy.

  3. That was an amazing Gencon, and we played so much CoC in one weekend.

    You could tell the GMs liked Berathe – one asked her and myself to carry over characters who’d survived another scenario he liked us so much!

    Wasn’t that the same convention you won the live roleplaying game too?

    • Yes I did. In the freeform game I won in the ‘player who brought most to the game’ category voted on by other players. Very unexpected! And I managed to get hold of the prize too, a truly terrible scented oil burner; four pewter wizards holding up a glass dish for the oil to go in. Even so it takes pride of place inside one of my favourite cupboards.

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