The Blind One makes me sick

I tanked the Blind One in Dar Narbugud for the first time tonight. Very exciting, yes. I got myself some tips from one of the kinship guardians;

use fray the edge, go in with sting and guardians ward, shield blow then taunt, threat stance is fine to start but go to block, stick on pledge if there are more than 3 corruptions at 40k and the Blind One begins an induction…gracious, I carefully wrote it all down word for word on a piece of torn envelope I had on my desk.

Then instructions in-Raid; watch out for darklings, keep moving; I’ll be told where to stand by the champ with me ( we use a guardian and champ combo standing on the central island in the first stages). Don’t pass on the eye.

But deja vu, again something wasn’t mentioned.

As said guardian and champion stand on an island with the Blind One in the centre of this gently pulsating membrane (don’t ask). Darklings spawn which you must avoid to stop yourself being sucked into a void (don’t ask). I found the best way to dodge them was to adjust the view point so I was looking down, directly onto this gently undulating surface, rising and falling, like the surface of a gigantic, organic ocean; up and down, up and down. And it made me sick. Seasick. I felt seasick.

You try searching for ‘Blind One seasick’ in the Codemasters forum. You’ll get nothing.

And what’s more, we usually take the Blind One down first time, but tonight it took us a second go. Subjecting me to even further nausea causation. Who would believe it!

At the end of it I had to go and make myself a cup of tea to settle my stomach. Next time I’ll be sure to have cake at the ready too.


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  1. Well done! I’m sure 2nd attempt is no mean feat!

  2. You did great, and you had to try it sometime, but yeah there are some weird graphical things in there.

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