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I’m still not feeling particularly motivated to finish my Mirkwood quests. I said before that I think some of the reason is that I don’t find them interesting enough in themselves to do them solo. But, after pondering a little more, I think the new quest reward system is just not doing it for me either.

Before Mirkwood, you’d hand in a quest and you’d get offered a nice earring or a pair of trousers, very kind. Often the reward wasn’t as good as what you already had. Sometimes it wasn’t for your class, but that was alright; it just meant that it would suit someone else. But at times what you were offered was just the ticket. And that was great! It was a real incentive to go through and repeat quest chains for various rewards. And repeat those chains with alts.

But since Mirkwood, Turbine have brought in a barter system. You complete your quest, you get bronze feathers and item xp for your legendary items. The feathers can be exchanged for recipes, legendary items, potions, armour and jewellery. As you go up in rep, you get more choice of vendors.

This lacks something for me.  You very quickly build up a large number of feathers. So it does not take long before you have bartered, certainly, for all the items you need. So in the end, you mostly end up getting potions.

It took me a while to realise that I wasn’t getting, or going to get, item rewards from quests, I think about the time I reached Gathburz. I’m a little slow putting these sorts of things together. But now I  have, I think it is one of the things I am missing. It’s sort of like getting a gift voucher instead of a pressie on your birthday. Sensible and you can choose what you like (though in this case from a very limited selection) but not exciting. And you get the same whatever quests you do. I just sign for the days of the Fem armour set. Getting that was an achievememt.

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  1. I like the way they’ve done Lorien and now Mirkwood with the barter options, but I also see where you’re coming from as well. I’d love to see more of a balance, or give players the choice between the barter/IXP/Rep reward and the item as you’re right in that after a while the rewards kinda blend in. Although I will admit, having the morale/power potions as barter options is one of my favorite things to barter for, well that and the damage scrolls 😉

    Another option would be to give us more things to barter for (can’t have enough cosmetics) or a way to universally exchange items. Give us an option to trade Mirkwood feathers for Lorien leaves (or branches, whichever is the smaller one), or even better (IMO) would be an exchange for skirmish marks.

    I really like the path they’ve started on, and they have already made some tweaks (the lorien leaf/branch turn-in for example) so here’s hoping there’s more coming.

    • Even though I’m grumbling I can see the advantage of providing potions, scrolls etc via the barter system.Maybe it is better balance I’m after. I felt fine about the mirror quests in Moria that got you item xp and potions and I don’t mind the repeatable quests in Mirkwood. But I do miss the satisfaction of finishing a quest chain and getting a proper reward that felt more unique. I know it wasn’t but if felt that way.

  2. I can see both sides: the barter system means you don’t have to do specific quests to get the reward you’re after. You can do whichever quest you find easiest, and then buy your reward from the barter agents. So you’re no longer forced to do a quest you loath (Death from Below, anybody. Except me. I like it ;-), but you’re also not given any incentive to do anything other than “whatever you can do quickest” other than your own personal curiosity, and clearly, for some people, the quality of the quests isn’t enough to provoke that interest.

    • Yes, choice is good; you can focus on quests that you want to. But I still miss those special rewards for certain quest chains. And I worry. If players start to focus on the easier quests because they may as well, will the end result be the gradual reduction in quest complexity?

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