Book III Vol 1: pastures old

Book 3, Volume 1 is now out.  I had the pleasure of making a start the other day.

I haven’t finished Book 2. I thought perhaps that I ought to. Then I thought, I don’t actually want to. I realised that if I waited until I finished Book 2 before I started Book 3 I might be waiting a very long time. So I didn’t.

Concern was expressed that Book 2 would be a prerequisite for Book 3 but no, there in Lhach’s mailbox was the usual cryptic little note requesting urgent assistance. Lhach had to go. So, accompanied by two stout companions (that is stout as in moral fibre, not stout as in too many pies), he set off to Rivendell.

There was a slight  disappointment when the first part of the Book was solo,  requiring us to disband. But there was no doubt the prologue  worked well as I was set my task. I was impressed with myself. I recognised everyone mentioned. I even remembered who was involved and what happened at the end of Book 1; this may not sound like much but I assure you, it is.

So, fired up, I met up again with my fellow adventurers outside the Last Homely House.

Our mission was to travel through Middle Earth and marshal the Rangers of the North. Of course this meant much travel which I suppose I should have guessed. But we had a hunter with us, so without much more delay we were soon racing through Middle Earth. Though in our case, racing is a relative term involving breaks for cake,  tea and cat grappling.

We started by returning to the Trollshaws and meeting the ranger there who wanted us kill some orcs in some caves whilst he got himself sorted to leave. Entering the cave complex we encountered a kinmate who was either leaving or going in, no-one was quite sure, the caves are confusing, and he joined us. I liked the caves. They had ruins and were partially water-filled in some places so you had to swim. The orcs were easy for our group to kill, but since the ranger had managed to do it on his own before,  that wasn’t surprising.

After that we stopped by Bree and  Weathertop, finishing in the Shire. Again the quests the rangers gave us were soloable. But I was happy, one of them offered us armour as a reward, none of it any use  but it was nice not to be given a handful of feathers. And for some people the armour might have been lovely.

I enjoyed re-visiting  areas and catching up with our Ranger friends. But I worried about us all blowing any cover they’d had, there were crowds round every campsite. Maybe that was the intention…to send so many people to find them, the Rangers would have no choice but to leave since every Sauron’s minion for miles around would now know their exact location.

Hey ho, that’s war I suppose.

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  1. I really liked the initial cave crawl. There were clearly quite a number of other people in the same general area, but a lot of them seemed to be lost, and the groups of orcs were spaced sufficiently far apart that the other people weren’t intrusive. BTW, in the big room at the far end of the cave is an unopenable door.

    The later chats I was less happy with: “can you please go and deal with this single unpleasant bandit? He’s got less morale than the trash fights you’ve been dealing with, and there’ll be a queue of people there to deal with him, so frankly, if they join in, you’ll be lucky to hit him more than once!” This was a bit of an anti-climax. If those bandits really needed to be dealt with, a passing level 30 character should have been able to cope.

    Still, it’s all story line, and you can’t really expect every chapter to be surfing on an adrenaline rush.

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