Raiding; into Barad Guldur

So how’s raiding  doing in the kinship?  We’re still trying to pull DN and the Watcher Raids together, though I’m just coming to the end of a break from sorting that, and making progression with the Barad Guldur raid.

We haven’t tried any of the bosses in Challenge Mode yet though are reaching that stage for the first boss. We’re using the aggro swapping method with two guardians for him, though healing has to be spot on. I’ve read of other methods; some kinships used kiting taking advantage of the fact that Durchest slowed after a certain point, I think Turbine has changed this now. Others do fancy things with percentages, additional aggro targets and his aggro debuff. Whatever, at the moment swapping works for us.

We’ve now brought down the second boss/es but we still need to refine the fight and to work on the trash mobs after Durchest which involve some seriously tricky pulls, though this week we managed to get through one of them without wiping for the first time.

Twice as well, we’ve managed to do the first two bosses on one evening which lays the way open to focus on Boss 3 for the other which is good. It also proves that the trash mobs can be taken down at a reasonable speed. Even so I think that there are too many of them, it generally takes too long to get through them and it can become a bit of a chore.

In the Boss fights, I’m finding, as a tank, communication is key. In the first fight, we call when we’re taking aggro, in good time as well to alert the healers. In the second Boss fight, we have two guardians tanking the Fire Boss swapping in and out alternately; hunters range tank the Shadow Boss. Again we need to keep an eye on the cooldown for damage debuff she gives and the DOT; both our own and the other tank’s and actually talk to one another about what’s happening. This is fun.

One thing I like about our Raids, is that we do them without obsessing on ideal mix. I’ve read that champions are useless for BG and shouldn’t be taken and that some groups wouldn’t go without a runekeeper or a burglar. Well we have three champ mains that want to go and haven’t got a raiding runekeeper or burglar. In fact on the last two-Boss run, we started with three champs (only one hunter could make it), though we did swap one champ for a captain alt on the second Boss. I think we need to be careful about cookie-cutter group make-ups, a bit of flexibility can make people to play their classes in slightly different ways which adds interest and I think increases skill. There will always be basic requirements of course, two minstrels, a guardian etc but outside this there can be creativity.


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