Quiet days

Things are still pretty quiet in LOTRO. Activity is low as people wait for The Next Big Thing. I think it is always hard keeping up momentum during these times in a MMO. New, lower level members, busy levelling up help; we have a few, but even their enthusiasm risks waning if they are consistently logging on and the kin is almost empty.

Raiding is one thing that keeps people logging on. Many kin members turn up just for the weekly raid and not much else; maybe just to do a bit of crafting or to check their post. For this reason, no matter how painful,  those raids need to keep on happening. Otherwise people will start to lose the habit of logging on, start to drift away and be lost.

So, currently, we are having a bit of a drive to keep things active. We have a successful late night group..this regularly meets to do any instance/activity that the members feel like, often people put forward suggestions and the group works through them. From this, we have just started an earlier evening version for two evenings a week. People are emerging and expressing interest.

The truth seems to be, that in any kinship, there always seems to be fewer people that organise events than want to participate. I think this is a truth of any activity actually. Those people that organise may complain and want things to be different, but ultimately, they either go ahead and do, or nothing happens. I tend to be a bit of an organiser. I’ve found the simplest thing is to simply organise things I want to do and enjoy doing. One of the reasons I was selected as an officer was because I organised loads of activities, but it was all stuff that I needed/wanted to do as I levelled. So really it was all self-interest! It is also fortunate that I enjoy taking/going with new people through old content.

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  1. remind me to put the Rift in sometime, once I’m home and have worked out my schedule a little more – I want to come to Beoras’ stuff, but… not this week, or, I think I might be cat-sitting some of it.

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