Haiku for Barad Guldur

I’ve felt for a while, the lack of poetry in this blog; in fact, to tell the truth, I’ve felt the lack of poetry in all blogs. Period. But anyway, I decided to rectify the matter in Berath’s Brain Burps at least (this blog you’re looking at now)  and write some more verse for everyone.

I cast around, looking for subject matter, then inspiration hit. Of course. The Barad Guldur Raid. Perfect.  I decided it would be most appropriate for me to use the format of a  Japanese haiku, for reasons no doubt obvious to you all so I won’t bore you with them here.

I felt it went well. I may decide to compose further haiku for BG, one for each Boss perhaps.

So, sit quietly, contemplate, pour yourselves a little sake and read on:

Mobs in the Gauntlet

Respawn like snowdrops awake

A year 30 mins


About Berath

Interests: zombies, giant robots, kittens

Posted on April 20, 2010, in LoTRO, poetry, raiding and tagged , , , . Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. there are literally thousands of poetry blogs out there.
    in fact tomorrow there wll be a poetry rally.
    the link is on my homepage.
    you can see dozens just from that starting point.
    And with a haiku like this, i’m sure you’ll do well

  2. Awesome. Again, you should write more LotRO poetry. I’d come help, but I SUUUUCK!

    Sorry about the grump tonight, I think I’ve really lost the joy!

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