Barad Guldur revised

So here I am freshish (it’s late, it’s Friday, it’s been a long week; I’m too old to manage fresh), and we’ve managed to down the first two bosses of BG. Incidently this has cleared Boss 3, otherwise know as LT, for the Sunday raiding group which is good. In my previous post we were trying a revised technique for Durchest (Boss 1) that I didn’t know.  Last time I went on a Friday, we used this technique and it didn’t seem to work so I didn’t bother to write about it. Then last Friday we tweaked it (I wasn’t there). And it seemed to go fine. So we repeated it again tonight (I was there). And succeeded.

Up until the fifth add was down, we did it the usual aggro swapping way. Then us guardians were joined by the two champs and the two captains, moving to stand in front of Durchest to distribute the cleave damage. We didn’t need as many as four, but this allowed anyone suffering from a critical to step out and heal up.

And it certainly felt better and more controlled from a guardian’s point of view with fewer ‘knife edge’ heals flying around. I presume from that, it also felt better for the healers too. The perceived threat debuff was lower as well, again leading to a greater feeling of being in control.

We still had a bit of trouble in the gauntlet, getting overwhelmed with wargs. That seems to be a question of luck to a certain extent.

But doing Durchest this way will hopefully mean that we can start thinking about hardmode. Both me and the other guardian were new to the change and it still worked so it looks like it’s feasible.

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