My portable dice boot

Now you may or may not know that I am a table top roleplayer. Over the years, I have invested much in the purchasing of various role playing paraphernalia to assist me as I game. And one of the most essential has been my Chessex portable dice boot.

Now I think we have all been there. As the box blurb asks are you ‘tired of dice rolling off the table? Tired of games being disrupted by rouge dice causing tabletop mayhem? Tired of trying to find table space for a box lid to roll dice into?’ Well yes, yes and a resounding yes!

I have noted my fellow gamers pass through four stages when they hear of my dice boot:

Stage 1 – incomprehension that such a thing could exist

Stage 2- mockery

Stage 3- when I take out my dice boot and assemble it before them; interest

Stage 4 – when they see my dice boot in action; desire, envy, avarice. They all want to use my dice boot to roll their   dice. They all want a dice boot.

So, you all demand, show us this dice boot. Well Chessex have very thoughtfully produced a video showing the construction of the Chessex dice boot. See below.

Unfortunately this does not show the dice boot at work. However I have found a video that shows the dice boot in operation and from every conceivable angle, to ensure maximum comprehension on the part of those who may find it hard to envisage otherwise. It also has a nice latin american soundtrack.

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  1. that’s so awesome

  2. I think I’m diagonally parked across co-existing realities again. I have defiantly transcended all 4 stages. However, part of my cynicism is stuck and stage 2 still, and this is conflicting with my inner geek over at stage 4. I find my mind collapsing. So as I de-evolve into primitive communicative grunts…


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