LOTRO Free to Play: the hordes amass!

Yes, LOTRO is going Free to Play, or rather F2P.

Oh. Oh dear. Lots of screaming, swearing, noobs hell bent on destroying life as we know it. Change. Oh dear again.

Or perhaps not. We don’t know yet. We could just get more people who’d like to try LOTRO out with friends and family and who don’t actually want to kill us.

I’ve been trying to work out what it all means and what I think about it; it’s taken me a while, I think slowly. And I’m not sure. We’ve been assured more new content. We’ve been promised a wardrobe for our cosmetic items which is nice. I’ve a lifetime subscription so I’m going to be automatically switched to VIP status. That means I’m going to be a Very Important Person which is nice too.

I get 500 points per month starting from now. I can buy things with these like more character slots and wardrobe slots. But nothing game breaking like a +50 vitality vorpal sword. Well Turbine have said that anyway. Which is good. So I will  just hope to buy ‘stuff’. And experience endless purchase prevarication over useless tat. Which is the story of my life really anyway.

It looks like not a lot will change in the most basic, immediate sense. Non-VIPs will have fewer character slots, less storage, reduced access to areas of the game. They will still have to buy the Mines of Moria and Mirkwood.  But Lifers and subscription payers will continue as usual. Paying, or not paying; the same. We can stay in our little kinship bubbles with our friends and allies, taking refuge beyond the expansion packs. Sending scouts into Bree.

After deep consideration, this is the approach I’ve decided to take; stay in my bubble and pretend nothing is going to happen. Denial. It’s easy when you get into the swing of it. At some point, I can emerge when F2P is established and become normal and then it won’t be a Change any more. It will be alright. But I hope on Laurelin, my server, that roleplaying survives alright and Codemasters helps support the roleplaying environment for the sakes of everyone, veterans and new arrivals.

I think that would be nicest of all.


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  1. I’m gonna get a ninja hobbit! He will be L33t! LOLz.

    Seriously, this model was a lifeline to D&D Online according to my friend. If it gives a boost to LotRO it could bring in more money for further development. And greater numbers could draw some venture capital in.

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