Durchest Challenge Mode: addendum

We did try Durchest Hard Mode (or challenge mode) yesterday, and after wiping first, succeeded.  I have done my best to remember some of it.

We used our three tanks (two guardians/one warden)  in front of Durchest. Two of us picked up most of the negative aggro debuff allowing the third (who came in later) to tank more or less normally. This avoided the need for the aggro swap, the point at which the raid seemed to be most vulnerable. The minstrels could focus mostly on the one tank.

This felt quite comfortable for me, I had a -100% debuff and my morale was kept topped up more-or-less constantly, and I felt we could have kept up our little tanking threesome as long as required, more-or-less. This was fortunate as we had some deaths which resulted in Durchest healing himself so it did go on for a time.

I’m afraid I still have little idea as to the order the levers were pulled in, I may try and get this info from someone else.  I do know that the last ones were pulled when Durchest was at particular health levels. Two of  the final ones summoned adds producing a static shock and adds giving lightening damage requiring everyone to aim for max morale beforehand. Nasty.

I was interested reading through the forums afterwards that many groups would not seriously entertain doing Durchest HM without a burglar and certainly not without at least one rune-keeper.  We had neither class and none anyway who are BG-ready, able or willing.

This may have made things more difficult for us but at the same time it shows that there is a bit of flexiblity in group make-up and provided you have the class basics then challenge mode is achievable for Durchest.

(We then went onto the Twins HM and almost did it…41k each before we wiped..very exciting)


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  1. Grats! I have yet to successfully beat Durchest on any mode, just very unlucky I think.

    Burgs are always helpful but since their debuffs (and LMs) don’t work on Durchest I don’t think it is as critical as it would be if things worked properly.

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