Durchest Challenge Mode: addendum: addendum

Durchest Challenge Mode..the levers, this is what we do:

We kill the first five normal adds then dps Durchest down to 100k, then we:

First pull the middle lever – the storm add will appear and when it’s dead the captains use LS + IHW to take some of the huge lightining damage done by the boss.

Second pull the extreme right lever – the fire add will appear and when it’s dead, there will be the fire distributed damage (like after the 2nd add). That’s the me catching fire bit.

Next pull the other three levers – the order doesn’t matter, as all 3 adds are the same.

Kill Durchest

Thank you for that Mr B.

We even managed to do hard mode while simultaneously discussing the current episode of America’s Next Top Model they’re showing on Living TV. Is that what hardcore raiders do? Is it? So are we hardcore now?

Barad Guldur, Durchest and the sooo fabulous Tyra

But we have now also managed HM on the twins. We almost did it last week too but were out by milliseconds, yes milliseconds I tell you (they need to be brought down within 10 seconds of each other). It’s all a bit touch and go at the moment.


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  1. We’ve done it the other way around, pulling the storm-add last (having the boss at around 15k morale), and when it’s almost dead captains hit IHW+LS and everyone rushes to kill both the add and then the boss, aiming to get the boss down before he even has time to use his big lightning attack. It does make sense to pull the storm-guy first though, I’m guessing the Big Bad doesn’t have that many damage buffs up earlier in the fight.

    • Yeah. We make sure all corruptions are removed before we pull anyway and try to get everyone up to full morale.

    • I think it stems from our early attempts – ie. if you’re going to wipe do it as early as possible into the fight so you can speedily run up and avoid another gauntlet, so we took the concept of ‘if it’ll kill us, kill it first’. I think both ways are equally valid.

  2. OMG, you told our Next Top Model sekrit!!

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