Approach to the Blind One: a verse from a guest

The poetic brilliance of my kinmates has amazed me yet again. I have written earlier about our DN and Watcher raids. We have managed to down the Watcher a few times but our plucky new gang of DN raiders have yet to reach the Blind One and seriously take him on…largely because we really needed to be able to fit the raid over 3 evenings (two bosses downed per evening) so scheduling was an issue.

But last night, we managed to down the fourth boss so on Wednesday…the Blind One!

My kinmate, Rhiannon (one of our minstrels), felt inspired to put her feelings into verse.  I feel that she conveys the feeling of excitement, achievement and trepidation we often feel whilst raiding and about to face a true Enemy after a long, hard fought trek.

The way is open
The path is clear
The four are dead
So, have no fear.

The Blind One waits,
For those who come,
So don’t be late!
Let’s have some fun!!

Good luck tomorrow everyone (that bit’s not part of the poem)

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  1. Inspired by this beautiful piece of poetry, we went and killed the Blind One in the third attempt, with only a few of us having seen the fight before!

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