My Dice collection: Conveyance

I’ve been very busy lately. I’ve joined a gym and I’ve been playing a bit more LOTRO; some alting here and there and trying to level up my crafting. This has meant I have neglected Berath’s Brain Burps a trifle. However, in advance of the highly anticipated exploration of my gaming dice collection, I have found time to photograph my Dice Bags to make a start.

I think Dice Bags (and Boxes) are often neglected when it comes to gaming dice collections. This is unfair. After all if it were not for our bags and boxes, our dice would just keep on falling all over the floor whenever we tried to take them about the place. And then where would we be? Well certainly not gaming beyond the confines of our own homes.

Anyway I have three Dice Bags.

This bag is small and portable. My dice travel in this when I game away. Of course it only fits a small selection of my collection. I choose the dice I am most likely to need, for instance D10s for White Wolf games.

This is my storage bag. If you look closely you can see that it has a small matching flower pinned to the side, covered in gold sequins.

And this bag is for Special. I liked it because I think it looks like Cthulhu.


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  1. I need more dice so I can have a collection of dice bags!

  2. Ooooo! Sparkly!

    Makes me want to play dice games!

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