The Wait for Free 2 Play

We’re still waiting. F2P should have hit Europe on Friday 10th. Except it didn’t. We’d got ourselves all prepared in our kinship; we battened down the hatches and hidden our pies ready for the invasion. We’d even cancelled Friday night’s Raid run, reckoning half the line-up would be downloading the patch for most of the evening.

And then we were told it would be postponed.

To be honest, I wasn’t too bothered. I tend to think that if something like that happens it must have been done with good reason. It would be nice to explore some new content but I can wait a bit longer. I’ve just made my first hobbit, she is a cook and a farmer and I’m happily working on that at the moment alongside doing my alting and getting my minstrel raid-ready. Well actually he is raid-ready already, he found himself in Barad Guldur fighting the LT the other week, but I think he can be even more raid-ready. So anyway I have stuff to do.

I also know I’m going to be spending a lot of time deciding what to spend my Turbine points on (or do we call them Codemasters Points in Europe). Since I have a lifetime membership and have been logging on regularly, I’m going to have a fair few. I must confess I feel a bit daunted. I’ve got as far as deciding I want a wardrobe. And some dresses. And two more character slots. Then I grind to a halt. So many points, so many prizes. I don’t want to think about it yet.

But I’m actually rather looking forward to the influx of new players F2P should bring. My little hobbit is in just the right place to be able to appreciate the full the Shire. I’m hoping to see many newly created hobbits running around enjoying the beauty and sheer hobbitness of the area. And it has already started. Last night on the OOC channel there were at least three new players; from what they were saying they had just started the game and had been drawn by the prospect of F2P. One said it had spurred him to get SoA now to get in ahead of the rush. From their names and conversation, all three seemed fine examples of Laurelin hobbithood!

I suspect we will get our fair share of, how shall I put it, less than ideal players, but I don’t think they will stay around that long; easy come, easy go. I wonder if LOTRO has that instant gratification that would keep the attention of the more fleeting player, who does not have the interest in Middle Earth to sustain them. I don’t know. Anyhow, the date grows nearer, whenever it is, and we shall see.

Are they here yet?


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