Oh my; a disconcerting gap

Oh my, I haven’t posted for all of October! What have I been up to? Well stopping organising Raids for a start. My out-of-game life is pretty stressful the moment and I’m spending much of my evenings exhausted and slumped so giving it a break is one less thing to think about; exhaustion and in front-of-telly-slumping is also a reason for my blogging less.

I haven’t been doing much in game really either. I’m Raiding still, but now I’ve stopped organising I’m contemplating giving it a break once we’ve got the Lieutenant down and just join in to help when needed. It’s odd, Raiding does seem to bring the worst out in people; resentments, rivalries and mistrust. I feel it would be good if I spent a bit of time just away from all that clearing my mind, poddling about on my lower level alts. Or I could roll an alt on the new server once F2P goes live and see what that’s like. I’ve also got loads of single-player games that are demanding to be played at some point.  So I might give LOTRO itself a break.

Who knows. As I said, I haven’t fully decided what I want to do yet. Or what I feel is best for me.

Anyhow, I have some time off next week so I hope to be able to write a few posts then;  we have a new poem from our honoured and official poet-in-residence, there are the mixed and frustrating experiences various members of the kin have had with the EU F2P Preview, the advent of F2P itself and of course the promised exploration of my dice collection. Good times eh!

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  1. Still have alts to play, might be a nice change of focus (and sorry for my resentments ;p)

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