In spitting distance of the LT

Last night we took the Fell beast down twice. And got the Lieutenant (LT) down to 300k. I feel we are in spitting distance of getting it.

It’s taken a while. A long while. The fight requires everyone to be focussed. At any point, someone might get a yellow eye and have to kite the Fell beast. Or after the transition phase when the LT gets off the Beast, they may get the yellow eye or a purple eye. If they get a purple eye, then they have to move from the group as fast as possible before it expires….the purple eye causes much damage and can wipe a raid. If they get the yellow eye then it’s kiting time again, but now they have to avoid the purple eye person, the purple shadow damage clouds dropped by the beast and try to avoid kiting the beast through the rest of the Raid and there is the additional problem of a slow debuff caused by the LT’s corruptions. We have to have people on special corruption remove duty to manage the various corruptions led by the guardian. The ‘slow debuff’ or corruption is the red one which we use a lore-master or minstrel to remove immediately.

Anyhow, at first it took people a while to learn when, where and how to move at various points. It took us a little longer because we use a system of rotation when allocating places so we had a larger pool of people who needed to learn the Raid; and we also had people who could not attend on a regular basis. So, from time to time, progress seemed pretty painful and sometimes we seemed to take a step back.

But yesterday it seemed more-or-less to come together. We did tilt things a little in our favour. Normally we try to bring two from each class (captain, champ, hunter, lore-master, minstrel, guardian; other classes rotating within these if they sign up). This is to make sure no-one is excluded because of the class they play. However, I have started to bring my hunter alt and changed to her from my guardian just before the fight. And last night one of the two lore-masters came on his hunter alt. So we had four hunters. This allowed to bring down the Fell beast much faster with fewer clouds. And then focus damage on the  beast to kill it.

We still got wiped by eyes, we still have a little way to go but it felt more controlled and I think people were getting used to the fight and more confident in what they were doing.

So here’s to a successful attempt next week…(or the week after that, maybe)!


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