In spitting distance of the LT – Not!!!!!


We wiped on Durchest Easy Mode this evening. Yes, after downing him more or less weekly on Hard Mode for a while. The damage he seemed to be doing seemed to have increased massively. Is this something since F2P? We are not sure. Reading the forums, other kins have reported a similar experience. But others have been fine. We managed to clear him last week but of course didn’t check the combat logs to see what damage he was doing.

We are now thinking of having another go on Sunday; see if we get a repeat and revise our tactics. Feelings are mixed. We could just go and have fun in Helegrod. An attractive thought. But I would also like to try and find out what went on tonight. Have we actually got a problem that could keep us from the LT or were we just very unlucky.

We’ll see what everyone thinks.

Us after Durchest tonight


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  1. We also wiped on Durchy this week, it sucks so much, especially after farming him on HM for ages! It seemed like the was constantly oneshotting our tanks from full to K.O, and after a few tries we had to go and clear the gauntlet again, popped all hopes and buffs and psyched ourselves up for he challenge, ran into the boss room… and he wasn’t even there! Somehow the whole place got bugged so badly that the boss had disappeared. I ticketed it but we didn’t get a GM to help us in time :(.

  2. Sort of good to know we are not the only ones. Very frustrating as I said, with us feeling we were only a few steps from downing the LT

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