The Lieutenant of Dol Guldur is dead!

Huzzah! At long last my kinship has managed to kill the Lieutenant in Barad Guldur. In fact we have now done it twice. Not in hard mode yet, but, after all the work the Raid group has put into it, a great accomplishment whatever. Afterwards, half the raid was so numbed we didn’t want to leave. We weren’t sure exactly what proved the final ingredient. We had had a break over Christmas, were we still fresh from that? People knew what they were doing and responded promptly and efficiently to the eye debuffs. We’d worked out where we should run and the direction. We had a caller to remind people. Perhaps it was a mix of all of this.

Once the fell beast was felled, it was a tense grind down. Everyone was silent, hoping that no-one would make a mistake; hoping they would not make a mistake, ‘God this is tense’, as one of our hunters remarked halfway through. Too right!

And what was nice was that I felt that it was truly a kin accomplishment. I may have mentioned before that we have two raid groups, one that focuses on BG and goes on Friday and Sunday and another that has a wider brief, most recently Helegrod, but the other raids too. That week, this group had attempted BG as well and had downed the first two bosses. They had then passed the locks onto the Friday/Sunday group who had been unable to go on the Friday. Therefore without the other group, which comprised additional kinmates, Sunday would not have been possible and our victory could not have happened (this group also went on Sunday to fight the LT and managed to get the fell beast down). First kills are a triumph for those there, but they do not happen without the support and contribution of many not actually present (at least in our kin).

So, cheers all around!

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  1. Grats! He’s pretty much the only boss (outside of the Echoes stuff) that I haven’t killed yet and SO want to 🙂

  2. It’s unfortunate that it takes so much work to get there!

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