Team Fortress: so what do you do?

I’ve posted about the TF2 player classes (and Teddy Roosebelt), so now you’ve got all that, what actually goes on in Team Fortress?

Well there are a number of game modes that keep us all occupied:

Capture the Flag: both teams have to capture a briefcase containing intelligence from the enemy’s team base and bring it back to their own whilst preventing the other team from doing the same. No-one seems to know what this ‘intelligence’ actually is, nor why it is so important. I suspect it comprises, blank sheets or meaningless scribbles.

RED Scout stealing BLU intelligence

Payload: one team has to escort a little cart carrying a big bomb through territory controlled and defended by the other, to the enemy base where it is detonated.

'Bomb cart will not push self' quote from Heavy

Control point: teams fight for the control of various points. Sometimes the goal is for one team to capture all the points on a map, at other times, one team controls both points and needs to defend them (Attack/Defend). In King of the Hill, teams have to capture a central control point and hold it against the other for a set period of time.

Capturing a point: smooth, organised, efficient, not chaotic. Not at all

There is also a deathmatch Arena mode which just seems to be a general kill everyone on the other side mode, there is no respawning after death here which there is in all the other modes.

So, that is what I spend my time doing in TF2, pushing carts, capturing/defending points and stealing/defending intelligence. Over and over again. And after that, over again.

But, being PvP, every time is different.

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