My dice collection continued at last: Gamescience leads the way

Many, many apologies. In particular to those who may have been holding their breath and so have, by now, passed away since I promised to show you all, as an avid table-top roleplayer, my dice collection back in August.

Anyway, for the survivors and for those joining since then; here at long last, is the first part.

I thought I would start with examples of the creme de la creme of dice technology; my Gamescience dice. These dice are precision tested with razor-sharped edges to reduce biassed rolling. I couldn’t even begin to explain the science behind them, so I shall let that duty fall to Colonel Louis Zocchi himself, their creator and developer.

and Part 2

I have a number of these dice and for accuracy they have never let me down. And they look nice too.

A selection of my Gamescience dice


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  1. Very pretty! I almost bought some new dice when in Reading. Will have to do so sometime!

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