Our move to the States

So the countdown starts.

On June 1st LoTRO moves over to Turbine and we all become American; no Green Cards needed. In my earlier post, I expressed the concern that roleplaying won’t be supported after the move, but we have been assured that Laurelin will remain intact, roleplaying and all.

That’s good.

But, at the present time, I have no idea what will happen on 1st. We’ve been told we need to migrate our accounts. How? What will happen if I don’t on June 1st? The odds are very very high that I won’t. Even while I’m writing this, I can only just keep the concept in my head. I’m sort of vaguely hoping that I’ll just log on sometime next week and see this:

Turbine. YES or No. Click


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  1. Ooh, you’re also thinking of not making the move, or just not on June 1st? I guess I’ll probably make it, but then I’m not playing much. Wish we could resurrect the alt group in a way, that was fun!

  2. No, I’m thinking I’ll probably forget

  3. There’s an update at http://content.turbine.com/lotro_migration/index.html

    The servers go down at 9am on Tuesday, 31st May, and are expected to be back up on Thursday or Friday.
    (plus you can buy a year’s subscription for 80 quid).

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