Parents: 1 Comp TF2: 0

Yesterday evening, I was a bit tired, my bouncy little clan community TF2 server was empty, didn’t feel like playing anything else; I decided to take a look at Vanillatf2 and see if any games were being cast.

And yes, it looked like I had a full evening of matches to enjoy, so I settled in with the cat, tea and a large bar of chocolate and prepared to peacefully doze the time away in front of my laptop.

The first game was Team Thermaltake vs TCM-Gaming. I fell asleep briefly at the beginning but woke up to see some very entertaining play; some cheeky backcaps, some well-timed ubers (and some less so) and some excellent teamplay, you can tell when a team really knows a map and how to play on it.

The second was Portugal vs USA (in the ESL Country Championship Playoffs). Did we miss the beginning, I have a feeling we did, for technical/server reasons. I don’t think it was me nodding off again. But anyhow we launched into the game and it was the final map and the last game. It was close, 4 all; a Golden Cap, meaning whoever won the next cap won the game,  and whoever won the game went through to the next round.

Then, at this vital vital point, the Portuguese medic left the team.

Where was he? All of Portugal’s hopes, dreams and aspirations were being held in the balance.


Mum and Dad

He’d been shouting at his computer. It was late. His poor Mum and Dad needed to get some sleep. So they’d called him off.

Well I was behind them 110%. No doubt they had to be up promptly the next morning to organise the family, go to work; do parental things. The last thing they needed was their son, playing this strange cartoon game that seemed to get him so angry, keeping them awake.

Good on ’em.

Parents rule.

(by the way, the Portuguese managed to find another medic but didn’t win; mind you the USA played a good game all through)

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