Team Fortress 2 goes Free to Play


So, Team Fortress 2 is go Free to Play, as part of the Uber Update today (said to be the biggest, most ambitious update in all of TF2 history)

I could be lazy and just cut and paste this from when LoTRO was going f2p. But I won’t, other than just saying we had no flood of members coming to us after f2p and noticed very little difference, just a few ex-members with lapsed subscriptions drifting back.

Ditto I suspect with TF2. There have been a few concerns expressed; a possible increase in hackers and cheaters but Valve have said they’ll be putting in extra precautions, and maybe they’ll be more people causing offence on servers. This last may mean the server Admins may have a little more work in the short-term, kicking and banning. But overall it will bring new people to the game and allow more people to try it out.

And in the same way that Turbine gave people who had bought lifetime memberships in LoTRO, VIP status and free monthly points to spend in the store, Valve has given anyone who has spent money in TF2, including buying the game – I’m glad that counts, a premium account. This gives access to more backpack space, access to rare and cosmetic items as random drops, and full trading and crafting abilities. There is also a Proof of Purchase hat.

If you are on a f2p account and you spend any money within the game, you get upgraded to a premium account. But you don’t get the hat.

Proof of Purchase hat

Hot off the Press: on my community clan server we’ve already had a shiny new player accuse one of the clan members of hacking.

Hot off the Press 2: someone has already created a mod that automatically kicks non-premium players


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