The Steam Summer Sale. Last chance to buy games, ever

The Steam Summer Sale has now finished. And it was the last time, ever, any of us would ever get to buy computer games. Or so you’d think. By the number of games we bought. For instance, my goodies:

Battlefield Bad Company 2 (plus add-ons)

Fable III


Fallout New Vegas

Killing Floor

Portal 2

Universe Sandbox

And this is from someone who recently had to drop out of WoW through lack of gaming time.

I now have a total of 50 games. I thought this was a lot. Then I took a look at some of my TF2 clanmates; yes I now have clanmates as I’m a trial member for the clan on the previously mentioned bouncy little community clan server. Well, they bought games too. And looking at a sample of clanmate game totals, post-sale:

267 games

82 games

173 games

257 games

205 games

159 games

Considering most of the time we’re gaming, we seem to be on TF2 and if not can only play one game at any one moment, we’ve all on to get through them. Or would’ve if the Summer Sale hadn’t been the last time any PC game could be purchased. Anywhere. Seemingly.

What a good job we’ve so many games.

(The buying frenzy was echoed on Gaming forums throughout the internet. Everyone else was buying games too. Contagion.)

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