The WDG KOTH Cup Challenge

In my Clan, we’re holding a KOTH Cup Challenge. KOTH is King of the Hill; there is one point and a team has to capture and hold it for a given length of time.

KOTH maps are quite easy. Because there is only one point, it is much harder to get lost and find yourself all disorientated and going the wrong way. As long as you can see the point, you know you’re good.

At the moment we have 9 crack squads (that’s crack for those at the back, not crap…)

The Fighting Snowmen

The Flowerpot Men

Zero Gravitas

Team Cluck

The Randy Candy Bandits

Norfolk & Chance

Sit Tommy Down

Papas’ People

The Wolf Gang

Barbrady and Friends

Each team comprises 3 players. I have joined Team Zero Gravitas. Between us, myself and my team mates possess many LEET skills which shall remain secret until we come to play, in fact we may choose not to reveal them even then.

I have agreed to help the Organiser organise the Cup. As the more longstanding readership might remember, I have always been a bit of a sucker for organising things, in the past kinship Raids and Raiding in LoTRO. So far I’m just learning, but I want to get a good handle on it. There are various sets of Rules to think about, map choice and of course match scheduling. Currently we’re running to standard ETF2L (European Team Fortress 2 League) KotH Rules:

* No timelimit
* First team to reach 3 round victories wins the match.
* Class limit 1, no medics, no engies.

Currently we’re deciding between a Troll Cup and a Regular Cup. In a Troll Cup we’d be using weapons which are often seen as unbalanced or overpowered especially in more Competitive games, but can be fun to play. We’ve classified Troll weapons as being:

* FaN/Shortstop Scout
* Natasha Heavy
* Huntsman Sniper
* Backburner/Flaregun Pyro
* Direct Hit Solly
* Targe Demo
* Saharan Spy

In a regular Cup, regular ETF2L restrictions apply.

Match reports will be provided.


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  1. Sounds both fun, and scary

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