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WDG KOTH League: Zero Gravitas vs Sit Tommy Down

So the first match has taken place and it was my team, Zero Gravitas (Berath, Greg, Teh Fluff) vs Sit Tommy Down (Tommy the Cat, Cruelcow, Power).

It was good.

After a bit of debate, we managed to settle on a date and a time, we only needed to decide on the map. We reckoned it was easier to rule out the ones we didn’t want first. I didn’t want Koth_nucleus. This is a very dangerous map. It has walkways that are very easy to fall from. You’re also a sitting duck on the point.

koth_nucleus: too dangerous. Sitting duck

Koth_sawmill is another bad map. It has two enormous saw blades on either side of the point going backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards. This is disturbing, and dangerous as well.

koth_sawmill: too disturbing

Tommy the Cat rejected koth_lakeside. This map was, we felt, too weird and too big. There was a risk that, playing 3vs 3, teams could get lost and end up never meeting one another.

koth_lakeside: too big, too weird

This left us with koth_viaduct, koth_harvest and koth_badlands.

We decided on koth_harvest which we all knew and is a compact map.

Koth_Harvest_Farmhouse: the selected map. The point is in the hut to the right

We started with a Pyro (me), Demoman and Soldier (no Medics or Engineers allowed).
STD started with a Soldier, Demoman and Scout. Although Demoman is probably my
stronger class now, I’m still really poor at close range. I guessed that the other team
would run a Scout which would mean I’d end up dead most of the time, Scouts are fast,
they dodge and can get in close quick. With the Pyro I could help defend our Demo, countering any Scouts to an extent.

And the three of us put up a reasonable fight I think.

We seized the cap, they seized it back, we took it again. They brought out Power’s Heavy to mow us down, the sods, we counted with our own; I think it was Teh Fluff, team captain, saving us all. Then Cruel went Sniper so my Pyro nipped behind him and took him out, and yes, indulged in a dash of Tommy scout singeing too. There was a bit of Soldier vs Soldier roof-top action, Greg and Teh Fluff scored some tasty direct hits. No-one fell off from either team.

Yes, it was good.

We ended up losing 3-0. But after the third game we kept on going with no talk of stopping. Fortunately there was a time limit on the map so it came to an end; I’ve seen the Duelists, I know what can happen.

But whatever, well played everyone and onto the next.