Daily Archives: August 24, 2011

My dice collection: another installment

I think we’re way overdue.

A further exploration of my dice collection (I think these posts are the most interesting ones on here)

First some d6 dice. You can see that at the back there is a very big die. And at the front there is a very little one.

Look at the different sizes

Now the next dice are my Japanese dice. They were all bought on my trip to Tokyo.From a Japanese pen and paper roleplaying shop found in the depths of Akihabara.Pen and paper roleplaying is truely international!


And, on a serious note, while we are talking about inclusion and roleplaying, I have a die I am particularly proud of. If you look, you will notice that instead of numbers in the usual script, it has numbers written in sign language. This means that roleplayers who are hard of hearing need no longer be, or feel, excluded. They too can join in and game.

No-one need feel excluded