Going Huge in TF2

In my time with TF2, I’ve learnt many new words and phrases, many of them not at all suitable for a family-centred blog such as Berath’s Brain Burps.

However, out of them all, ‘going huge’ is my favourite. ‘Going huge’ is a term that I, personally, would like to use as often as possible in my daily life. I have decided that. I’ve heard that people go huge as in, ‘X is going huge’ or ‘Y going huge there’. Competitive divisions can go huge as in ‘div3 going huge’. Team Fortress 2 itself can go huge as in ‘TF2 is going huge.’

Unfortunately,  I’m hampered a little by not being entirely, 100% sure, what it means apart from some sort of impressive achievement. Could I validly say, ‘the bus is going huge’ when it gets me to work early? Or the tube ‘went huge this morning,’ when there were no delays? Could I tell my co-workers that they have ‘gone huge’ when they have passed their annual appraisals with flying colours?

I don’t know.

I shall work on it.

(‘going huge’ is apparently not the same as ‘larging it’)


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