6 vs 6 gameplay in TF2

I’ve written before about pub play compared with comp play. Most comp games are played 6 players vs 6 players (although there are other formats; 2vs2, 9vs9). The main comp classes are Soldier, Medic, Demoman and Scout although other classes will be used as the occasion demands. Most pub games are played either on either 12vs12 or 16vs16 maps.

I’ve never played 6 vs 6. It sounds as if it would be very different in style and pace from the usual pub match. Certainly as a Demoman, my fave class, there seems to be certain things that you must be able to do or know, to be able to play. For starters, you need to be able to do sticky jumping; sticky jumping and knowing exactly what you intend to do as you soar through the air. And then you need to know rollouts. On 5 cp  maps  (capture point), much depends on which team can capture the central point. The team that can get there first has the advantage and often as not, this hinges on the Demoman. Rollouts are the fastest routes to the central point. The Demoman, assisted by sticky jumping, uses map specific Demoman rollouts to get there quickly, and using sticky traps etc, will secure it, alongside the Scouts who are the fastest class and who will have made their own way there. It may be the Scouts who actually capture the point (they capture at double the speed), the Demoman holding defence and dealing out the damage.

Badlands; one of the rarer maps played in 6vs 6 and Comp (this is a lie)

So, in order to play 6 vs 6 I need to learn the rollouts. There is a lot of information out there, many Youtube videos.  But the trick is remembering what you’ve watched on a video when you’re actually in-game. TF2 allows you to create maps off-line which is useful, this means you can practice this sort of thing without the distraction of getting killed or being required to do something; yawn!

There are opportunities for less experienced players. There is a Steam Group that has been set up by various higher level players since TF2 went f2p to help introduce new people, in particular f2p players, to the 6 vs 6 format (6 vs 6 doesn’t have to be competitive as such, it is just a different style of play). One thing I like is about the TF2 community and many of the high level comp players is how much they promote TF2 and encourage and support others to play the game, whether it’s pub f2p players or fellow comp players at lower levels.

Anyhow, when I’ve reached a level of competence and confidence, I may give this group a try.  From what people have said, playing 6 vs 6 as well as being a new (for me) and fun experience, also helps improve play generally which can never be bad.


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