Trying League of Legends

I quote: A good ratio is 150 creeps by 20-25 minutes, If I get a good lane when I play AD carry (MF <3), I have around 175-200 by that time, which equals around 220 AD from full AD builds. If you get the metagame rolling (meaning an actual good toplaner like Garen) everyone should have that farm, even the mid, theres no excuse. Jungle gets a freebie, Support will get a /ignore when he exceeds the 30 J

It’s an extraction from a thread on the WDG  forum about playing League of Legends.

And it’s incomprehensible (sorry Karthus).

So it was obvious that I had to give it a go.

LoL is f2p, and the nearest thing to my current playing experience, is PvP in LOTRO or Rift. Basically you control a Champion with various skills/spells/attributes/items. And you fight, on your own or with others, either other player-controlled Champions or bots; you can fight with bots as well.  The Champions are reinforced by a number of NPC minions who carry out most of the basic fighting. Your goal is destroy enemy turrets placed in paths, called lanes, and eventually the enemies Nexus, all the while gathering gold and experience points.

But of course there is more to it than that.

I worked my way through the two tutorials. Then decided to try a co-op game with all bots. Except I didn’t. I first cottoned that they might be real people alongside me, when they seemed to be in discussion, and only the opposing Champions were called Something-bot. I was playing something called Fiddlesticks that appeared to be a kind of undead thing, chosen at random and in slight panic in the few seconds we were given to prepare at the start. And I seemed to be in the wrong lane. Fortunately, having done the tutorial, I knew what one of the others meant when he said

‘Berathe, you need to go to the top lane’

I might be clueless, but I was obedient too. So I went.

After that, things happened but it seemed to go. I was with another Champion; we sort of managed with the help of the first player, who ever so often left his lane to wade in. I clicked buttons, bought random items at the shop and died a lot.

Two champions, one turret, lots of minions

We finished victorious (I suspect this is usually the case against bots). My associates gg’d (good gamed) each other, so it seemed my total ineptitude hadn’t ruined the game.

Anyhow, for the next few games, it’s been all bots. I played one co-op with WDG people which gave an indicationof what the game’s potential and one where we went against other players; we lost but it wasn’t particularly well-matched, our levels were all over the place. I’m still working out my playstyle; in MMOs I’ve tended towards tanks. So far, it seems to be tank/heal/support.


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