Keep Calm and Listen to Lefty

Not sure what’s happened but I’ve found myself taking part in Season 2 of the ETF2L (European Team Fortress 2 League) Highlander Community Challenge. Keep Calm and Listen to Lefty; that’s the team. Lefty; that’s Lefty, he’s the Leader, the one who had the idea (of the team, not the Challenge).

The team is a mix of WDG clan members and regulars on the Server.

I’m not sure what class I’ll be; since I can’t play any of them it’s academic so I can probably be quite flexible. I could be a very effective back-up too.

And of course I have no competitive experience at all. I’ve no idea what it might be like. We did have our 3v3 Clan KOTH League a while ago, I played one match, but then it fizzled out the way these things do sometimes, a mix of people being busy in real life and, as I’ve mentioned before, losing a bit of interest in TF2. Highlander is supposed to be quite a good way for a pubber (someone who plays on public servers e.g. Berath) to start competitive play, in that it involves all 9 classes, one of each, 9v9,  with more weapons allowed. Therefore, it is immediately more familiar to the general player. Standard comp is 6v6, all classes are used but Spy, Heavy, Sniper, Pyro and Engie only situationally with a narrower range of weapons permitted…for any of the readership unfamiliar with TF2, Valve provides TF2 with a more-or-less constant stream of updates, some including new weapons, most including hats.

Finally I don’t know what division we’ll be in. I’m hoping Division 6 (the bottom one). Unfortunately a fair few of those signing up I know have played in Division 5. Lefty plays in Division 3. But I have a feeling that with the number of newbies in the team and with the team aim to focus on fun, Division 6 will be where we end up.

Through teamworks, tactics and skill...Yes that'll be us that will

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  1. omg, good luck!! I can’t wait to hear how it goes

  2. lol – we’ll be fine, Berath.

    In answer to your question, I have it on good authority that we’ll be in Div 5 – a major factor of that is indeed a majority of our roster will be, as you say, Div 5 + me (Div 3).

    I think, in all honesty, we could go higher than that but I wanted to aim for a div where it would either be at the same level as the WDG server or slightly higher which Div 5 suits down to the bone. In all seriousness, Div 6 wouldn’t off been a challenge anyway as it would be composed of teams fresh from pub with no obvious background in competitive TF2.

    Looking forward to 8 weeks time and seeing us top of our div. :3

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